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Influential Business Leaders in Georgia Launched 1st Official Georgia Pakistan Business Council

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

GWINNETT COUNTY, GEORGIA (5/9/2022) —Pakistani-American business leaders launched the first-ever Georgia-Pakistan Business Council, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia to support small businesses, Pakistani-American entrepreneurs, and companies that aim to educate, empower, and equip Pakistani-American leaders.

“The new chamber comes at a crucial time as Pakistani-owned businesses and trade between US and Pakistan are expanding in the State of Georgia,” said founding member Rahim Shah Akhunkhail. “Our vision is to strengthen the ties between Pakistani American business owners and Georgia businesses, corporations, and the government. Our founding members are developing a collaborative opportunities and joint ventures that will develop successful economic development models for Pakistani American communities.”

"It would be a missed opportunity if I didn't use my position as a Gwinnett Chamber Board of Director to support Pakistani community with all the resources and opportunities," said founding member Imran Niazi.

Farooq Mughal, board member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and member of the prestigious Georgia Chamber's Government Affairs Council issued a statement:

The future strategic partnership between Georgia Chamber and Georgia-Pakistan Business Council, Inc. will play an important role to promote inclusive economic growth, recruiting new talent for, a diverse workforce, supporting small businesses, and educating Pakistani entrepreneurs. Georgia and Pakistan's bilateral trade relationship is integral to strong local economic growth. As a founding member of the Georgia-Pakistan Business Council, Inc. I am looking forward to supporting local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“I am looking forward to joint-partnership with the Georgia-Pakistan Business Council, Inc. Through our collaborative effort we will work to facilitate Pakistan trade delegations, support mutual growth, and job creation to ensure that Gwinnett and the State of Georgia is ideal location for Pakistani-owned businesses to thrive,” said Nick Masino, President of Gwinnett Chamber.

Our mission is to cultivate knowledge, connections, and collaboration to effect transformational social change and achieve sustainable economic impact through entrepreneurship. Our goals are to provide members with training and education to cultivate business skills and to provide enhanced business opportunities. Also, to encourage a mentoring relationship between more established business owners and new business owners. GAPAKBC, INC. strives to create a better understanding of issues facing Pakistani American business owners.

In partnership with the Gwinnett County Government, Atlanta City Council, and Gwinnett Chamber business leaders, the new Georgia-Pakistan Business Council, Inc. will hold an introductory meeting in June 2022 and host a business delegation from Pakistan at the 1818 Club in Gwinnett County.


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